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Start the new year off with our Off Season Training Program to help you become the best QB you can be.

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About Off Season Training

The QB Takeover Off Season program allows us to provide our high school and middle school participants with the same detailed training as our professional and college quarterbacks. Our training staff works directly with you to give you identifiable goals to strive for and helps you stay accountable with tracking your progress through a phased approach each month.

The Off Season program consists of small group sessions throughout the Atlanta area Monday - Thursday and large group sessions every Saturday and Sunday. We encourage you to attend as many sessions as possible.

See the details of the training curriculum below.


Training Curriculum

February - Throwing Free Activities / Load Phase

  • Base / Drop / Pocket Movement Exercises
  • Corrective Throwing Activities
  • Force Generation Focus
  • QBT Rotational Force Focus
  • Recommendations for Force Phase

March - Form Phase

  • Enhance the ability for each quarterback to throw the football developing their throwing motion, ensuring that we use the prior Phase training order to develop the complete quarterback

April - Fail With Form

  • Each quarterback has developed skills required through our previous training. We challenge them through April in order to put them in some of the most difficult situations to ensure that their form holds up.
  • Challenge quarterbacks mentally & physically with high load reps to create the muscle memory needed.

May - Final Corrective Stage

  • We use May & June as our final correction phases, working in tune with the high school schedule and the increased throwing that is taken on with spring & summer practice.
  • This is our low load throwing phase detailing out step-by step corrections to build up our quarterbacks form and confidence during the season.

June - Confidence Building

  • Low stress high confidence is the final month of our training season. Each athlete should finish June feeling better about his form and training than any other month.


  • Ongoing weekly training and direct feedback from training staff
  • Weekly virtual film breakdown session hosted by Coach Q and special guests for our monthly membership athletes.  Coach Q will review film, talk about all things football and we will have an interactive Q&A learning session. 
  • Exclusive merch drops for our monthly membership athletes


The official Off Season program will kick off on February 12 and run through June 30. Location details are listed below.


$75 Per Session

  • Every Monday
    Campbell High School
    925 Powder Springs St
    Smyrna, GA 30080
    6pm - 7pm
  • Every Wednesday
    North Park
    13450 Cogburn Rd.
    Alpahretta, GA 30004
    6pm - 7pm
  • Every Thursday
    Team MVP Gym
    3656 Southland Dr.
    Flowery Branch, GA 30542
    6pm - 7pm
  • Every Friday
    Sutton Middle School
    2875 Northside Dr. NW
    Atlanta, GA 30305
    6pm - 7pm


$75 Per Session

  • Every Sunday
    Sutton Middle School
    2875 Northside Dr. NW
    Atlanta, GA 30305
    12pm - 1pm
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  • The Monthly Membership is an opportunity to save up to 20-40% off of weekly training sessions AND...

    - Receive exclusive merch only for our membership athletes!
    - Attend a WEEKLY Virtual Zoom session with Coach Quincy, Coach Beasley & Coach Shorty!
    - Subscribe & Save an additional 5% off your monthly subscription.  

    Unlimited Membership - $630 each month
    • Any day, any location, as many options as you want!

    Unlimited Membership (Sunday Only) - $400 each month
    • Any Sunday + Any Virtual Session you want! 
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Why Attend Off Season Training?

Quarterback Takeover has the most scholarship athletes in the country! This is your opportunity to work with the nation's best quarterback training staff who have trained Trey Lance, Deshaun Watson, Jalen Hurts, Josh Dobbs, Justin Fields and more. Our training staff will use the same techniques for college athletes going into the NFL Draft, giving middle and high schoolers the chance to push their on-field efforts to the next level.


Helping the best quarterbacks in the world, become better. With a staff of professionals known for producing scholarships and advancing careers, QB Takeover is the country’s elite quarterback training program. QB Takeover is designed to give young athletes the mental toughness needed to lead a team, the skills necessary to execute, and the mindset to make the right calls when the game is on the line.